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May 12, 2019

An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language.
Martin Buber

Pets Specification

Dog Lifespan : 10 to 12 years
Dog Color : gray, fawn, black and tan and also red
Dog Origin : Germany

Affenpinscher is a wavy haired dog. It looks tiny but they have personalities. It is a 17th Century dog originated from Germany. The Affenpinscher dog is also known as “Monkey Dog” and “Black Devil” because of its looks. These dogs are courageous, reliable and inquisitive. The Affenpinscher dogs have beard facial expression with long eyebrows. These dogs ears either straight up or droop a little and sometimes they are slightly cropped. These dogs are mostly available in black, gray, silver, black and tan devil. These dogs are very active and tough and easily catch rats. They have the rough coat which protects them from changing weather conditions. These dogs have a healthy breed. Because of its rough coat, these dogs do not require proper shed but once in a week they required grooming These dogs are friendly and playful in nature. The average weight of these dogs between 7-8 pounds and height between 9-12 inch. The average lifespan of these dogs between 12 to 14 years. These dogs give birth to 3 puppies in a year but babies are blind and helpless at the time of birth These dogs mostly ache by diseases like corneal ulcers and patellar luxation. Affenpinscher does not live in extremes of temperature because over temperature damages their coat. Affenpinschers are fearless towards any threat and easily become over excited and requires time to calm down. As they are in small size but do not fear to fight with large animals and dogs. These dogs are good as a pet but not recommended for those family who has small children because it aggressively protects its toys and bites when it evokes.

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I am an Animal Lover girl. My passion includes writing and blogging which drove to join Petsfeet in Pune. I work here as a Digital Marketing Executive and Content Writer.

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