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Kuchi Dog

May 12, 2019

An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language.
Martin Buber

Pets Specification

Dog Lifespan : 12 to 25
Dog Color : black, fawn, and grey
Dog Origin : Afghan

Afghan shepherd is also known as Kuchi dogs because Afghan people who discovered these molosser type dogs. These dogs have the ability to migrate with nomads without shelter, as well as safe their livestock in mountains, deserts, and flat grasslands. These dogs also give the fight to lions and bears. Basically, Kuchi dogs are available in three types- all have the same features except the mountain Kuchi has bigger bones than the other two varieties. All kuchi dogs have a huge head and large bone structure and they also have dark eyes and a black nose. The ears of kuchi dogs are generally cropped close and their tails are docked. The Mountain type kuchi have bigger bones so they climb quickly on mountains whereas the stepper kuchis have small bones so they easily walk on flatlands. The desert type of Kochi dogs have heavy bones structure than steppe type of kuchi. The three types of kuchi are available in different colors such as red, black, fawn, and grey. The Kuchi dogs have an average weight between 84 to 176 lbs and average height between 27 to 35 inches. The average lifespan of these dogs is 12 to 25 years. The breed of kuchi dogs is healthy and does not face a lot of issues but the occasional test is needed. Kuchis breed has great stamina, courage, and strength and because of this characteristics, these breeds are used for guardian. If you are thinking to buy Kuchi dogs as a pet then you have to do long walks twice a day with your kuchi to stay physically active.

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