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23 Sep 2021

Entire Air India Business Cabin Book for Pet

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A pet dog recently traveled in style, when its owner's love for the dog booked an entire business class with Air India to fly him from Mumbai to Chennai. Though pets have flown in very expensive cabins before, this one was different as the doting owner of a pet dog spent over Rs 2.5 lakh to book the entire business class, just for these two. A Maltese snowy furball took Air India flight Ai-671, which took off from Mumbai at 9 a.m. on Wednesday. The Times of India quoted a source as saying that the J-Class cabin of the Air India A320 aircraft has 12 seats. A business class seat on an Air India flight from Mumbai to Chennai costs Rs 20000.

Air India's in-flight policy allows pets in flight and small pets such as dogs, cats, and birds are allowed in-flight subject to health and availability of rabies vaccination certificates. A passenger can travel with two pets and depending on the pet's body size, they may be in the cabin or in the cargo hold. In the case of business class, pets are seated in the last row of the cabin.

In many such cases, emotional support pets are allowed by many airlines to travel with the owners. A woman once shared pictures of her mother carrying her pet kangaroo on a flight. A Sun UK report also mentions a turkey named Easter onboard a flight with its owner, Jody Smalley.


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