19 Jan 2023

Biker riding with two pet cats on Bengaluru roads

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Videos with a distinctive element rapidly become famous on social media sites. These videos frequently have a certain attraction. One such video showcasing a biker's affection for his dogs recently went popular online. The biker is seen in the video riding his Bajaj Dominar bike while accompanied by two of his pet kitties. The individual in the video appears to have been caught on camera by someone who was driving past them. The video has received over 1.5 lakh views since it was posted to social media.

Arun Gowda, a Twitter user, recently shared a video of a biker and two cats lounging in a comfortable position. One cat is seen holding onto the biker's knapsack, and the other cat is seen sitting on the bike's fuel tank. Even more striking is how serene the cats appear to be while the motorcyclist continues on his route. Additionally, the rider doesn't seem to be bothered by the cat moving a little bit on the bike's gasoline tank.

On the internet, there have been a lot of responses to the video of the motorbike rider carrying kittens. However, opinions on the internet appear to be split between those who believe that the motorcyclist acted irresponsibly and violated the law and those who thought it was cute.

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