24 Sep 2021

East Delhi makes it compulsory to register pet dogs online

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The East Delhi Municipal Corporation has issued an order to people living in its jurisdiction to register their pet dogs on the civic body's authorized online portal within two months or pay fines.

How can one register their pets?

EDMC said people living under the jurisdiction of East Corporation can register their pet dogs by visiting https://mcdonline.nic.in/vtlpetedmc/web/citizen/info and depositing the prescribed fee online. For registration, the owner will have to provide vaccination details, photographs and his identity card of the dogs and pay Rs 50 for the dog to get vaccinated.

What if one does not register their pets?

The corporation has given two months' time to the people to complete the work after which it will initiate action. While it has not clarified what action will be taken, the Delhi Municipal Act 1957 empowers the corporation to make it mandatory to register all pet dogs within its jurisdiction. It also provides for imposition of penalty for non-registration of a pet dog owner with a civic body and violators can be prosecuted under Section 289 (negligent behavior in respect of animals) of the IPC.

Is the rule only for East Delhi residents?

The provision for registration of pet dogs exists in the Delhi City Act, 1957, but it has never been seriously implemented. In 2016, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) initiated the process of registering pets online (at a fee of Rs 500), while manual procedures continued in north and east. However, only one thousand people came forward to register by mcd in a year, though the number of dogs is very high. Senior corporation officials said the corporation will start collecting fines in the second phase.


News Source: Indianexpress

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