23 Aug 2022

Home Remedy for Puppy Parvo

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Canine parvovirus is a highly contagious viral disease spread through faeces. If people, animals, and inanimate objects are not properly cleaned after coming into contact with the disease, they can spread the virus. Parvo is fatal if left untreated, especially in puppies. Although initial veterinary care is required for a dog with parvo, there are ways to reduce parvo treatment costs by providing follow-up care at home.


Identifying Parvovirus

If your dog is showing signs of parvo, he or she should see a veterinarian right away.

Typical symptoms include:

  • Diarrhea (severe, bloody - maybe with a metallic scent)
  • Extreme sluggishness
  • Dehydration
  • Vomiting
  • Appetite loss
  • Significant weight loss
  • Discomfort or pain

Your veterinarian will perform a parvo test and draw blood to determine your dog's white cell blood count. If the test for parvovirus is positive, antibiotics and subcutaneous or intravenous fluids will be administered as treatment. Anti-nausea medication may be prescribed as well.


Continue Home Treatment for Parvovirus

Following initial parvo treatment, your vet will most likely recommend that you board your dog at their facility so that he can receive 24-hour care. While this is a good idea, it can cost thousands of dollars. Rather than keeping your dog in the hospital until he is well, you can save money by bringing the dog home after its veterinary appointment.

  • If you decide to keep your dog at home, you must keep an eye on him at all times.
  • If your dog's symptoms worsen or become more frequent, you should take him back to the vet's office right away for further treatment.
  • If you have other pets, quarantine your sick dog in one room to prevent others from contracting parvo or spreading the germ.


Hydration is essential.

Dehydration is the leading cause of death in dogs with parvo, so keeping your dog hydrated at all times is critical.

  • Request a Sub-Q fluids kit from your veterinarian and have him demonstrate how to administer the fluids. In order to keep your dog properly hydrated, inquire about how frequently he should receive these fluids.
  • Your dog's electrolytes will be depleted as well. You can give your dog diluted Pedialyte by putting it in his water. This will aid in the replenishment of electrolytes. Consult your veterinarian about the proper dosage of Pedialyte for your dog.


Slowly introduce food

  • Once your dog has stopped vomiting and appears to be gaining energy, try enticing him with wet food to see if he will start eating.
  • Only give him small portions at a time to avoid vomiting from eating too much too quickly.
  • When your dog resumes eating on a regular basis, he will be able to regain strength.              


Clean Thoroughly

Because even the smallest pieces of faecal matter from your infected dog are contagious, it is critical to clean any area your dog has come into contact with with bleach. You can spread the virus to other dogs by touching them or walking outside and infecting the soil with your shoes if you come into contact with the virus and do not properly clean yourself or the surface on which it sits. When handling your dog, use latex gloves and disposable shoe covers to help prevent the infection from spreading.


Veterinary Check-Up

Once you believe your dog is parvo-free, take him back to your veterinarian for a check-up. The veterinarian will determine whether the infection has been eradicated and whether additional fluids are required. Parvo is hard on dogs, so he might not be back to his old self for a while. Your veterinarian can recommend additional check-ups and when your dog is ready for parvo vaccinations to prevent future outbreaks.

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