12 Apr 2022

How to keep your pets healthy on National Pet Day

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Exercise is sufficient

Physical activity and socializing requirements might vary based on the kind of pet you have. Dogs may require different levels of exercise depending on the breed and kind they are, whereas cats usually take care of what they need themselves. Additionally, it gives them the chance to socialize with other humans or animals in addition to letting them stretch their legs!  

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Preventive health care

We also need to vaccinate and deworm our pets, along with ectoparasite control, and various other preventive treatments, based on their health history or observable symptoms.
Booster shots for your pet are important, as any delays may result in the pet being at risk, which is something we would like to avoid.

Checkups on a regular basis

Pets have very different life cycles than humans. In the same way as we need annual health checkups for ourselves, our pets also need them periodically throughout the year.
Regular checkups and visits to your veterinarian will protect your pet from health complications, including dental hygiene, skin and fur quality, weight management, and cardiac health.

The importance of loving and caring

Pets also thrive on love, just like all living beings. You and the rest of the household are pretty much the whole world to them! Your pets need your attention, so remember to give them lots of cuddles, scratches, and playtime! The importance of socializing for pets cannot be overstated and never be too thrifty when it comes to showing them love.

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The need for space and safety

Each of us needs a personal space, and so do our pets. Provide your pets with a comfortable and familiar corner where they can relax whenever they want.
When your pet is tired or simply does not want to interact with people, this space ensures they have a safe place to retreat to.


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