11 Jun 2022

How to Prepare Your Pet for Summer Travel

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Consider these things before taking your pet on a trip this summer. In warmer weather, on busier roads, and in crowded airports, pet travel can be especially challenging. The majority of our team advises against moving large pets during the summer months, but we know that sometimes it's impossible to avoid moving your pet.

Airline embargoes for summertime are important to know before you take a flight
During the summer months, many airlines will impose pet cargo restrictions on passengers flying with pets. Because of the heat, airlines may limit the number of pets they can transport or the breeds that can be transported. Listed below are many of the major airlines' 2020 summer flight embargoes. Please contact our team if the airline you're considering isn't on this list, and we'll see if we can help!

When the sun is down, some airlines will only allow pets to travel as cargo in the early morning and evening hours. Lufthansa is a pet-safe airline that only allows snub-nosed pets to fly if they know both departure and arrival temperatures will be below 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Know when your pet should travel to avoid surprises.

When the weather is cool, plan to move  

The only option for moving your pet this summer across the country is ground transportation. Especially when traveling with dogs in the car, it's crucial to have another human passenger or a co-driver with you. Both humans and pets will benefit from taking bathroom breaks with another person. 

Transportation on the ground

In addition, you should have your vehicle inspected before you embark on your journey to ensure it does not need any repairs. Summer is a time when it is important to ensure your air conditioning will work for the duration of your trip. Take your travel terrain into account as well. There are instances where tires that are underinflated or otherwise not suitable for hot asphalt can fail in desert states such as New Mexico and Arizona. Be sure your tires-especially those on your vehicle-are ready to handle harsher conditions.

Plan ahead and choose the right summer travel crate

Your pet's travel experience can be greatly enhanced by good ventilation. The following guide will help you choose the right travel crate for a pet of any size and type. To provide your pet with more fresh air and room to move, sizing up your carrier could be a good idea if there is extra space in your vehicle or allowed by your airline.

For your pet to adjust to your new travel crate, you'll want to purchase it as far in advance as possible. It is important to crate train your pet as early as possible.     

 Take Your Pet to the Vet

Make sure your pet is healthy enough to go on an adventure before you move or go on vacation this summer. Pets with health problems, such as being underweight or overweight, may not be up to a big trip

Keep Your Pet Well Groomed-But Not Too Short

You may need to give your pet a little grooming before traveling in the summer, depending on the type of coat your pet has. It's a good idea to trim an unruly mane, but read the following pet grooming advice before going too far. Hair acts as a natural cooling system for pets, and coverage protects their skin from sun damage, so a buzzcut could make them feel hot.  

Food and hydration should be planned properly

The importance of your pet staying hydrated and eating the right amount at the right times are even more vital when it's hot outside and they will be traveling for a long period. Your pet should feel as calm and as normal as possible in the days leading up to your trip by monitoring their food and exercise. Before you leave for your trip, make sure fresh water is always available, so your pet stays hydrated.

In order to avoid tummy upset, avoid eating for at least two hours before you take off, even if it's a long trip.

Be sure to give your pets plenty of water before and after your trip, and make sure that they have access to water at all times. It's a good idea to attach a water bowl to your dog's crate and fill it right before you leave.

Before you begin, take your friend for a ride

Your pet will likely sleep better during travel if you take him on a couple of extra walks or allow him to play for an extended period the evening before and/or the morning of your trip. You should devote time to your pet's travel preparation in the days before your trip.



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