11 Jun 2022

How to protect your dog from heat stroke

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It's good to see the sun after a long, cold winter, but we're not looking forward to the heat that it brings. There's no way for your pet to stay inside all day, and the sun isn't kind to them either. The good news is that you can protect your pet from the heat and keep them cool by following these simple DIY methods.

Provide a shady area for relaxation

No matter what the season is, all pets need outdoor time. The hot sun can really be cruel to your pets when they're running around on fresh grass. It may be a good idea to install an umbrella or overhead covering if you have a space outside that is exposed to the sun.

Your pet's paws will be protected from the hot pavement and from being overheated by providing shade. Keeping a cooling bed and fresh water in this area is also a good idea.

Construction of a mini water park

You can host a pool party on your balcony or terrace if you have a portable and inflatable pool! Splashing your pet can cool him down and be a great summer activity for children and pets. You might even be able to beat the heat together if you ask the dogs in your neighborhood.

If you want to make the most of your swimming experience, you can visit special swimming pools for pets and spend the day there. Swimming is a great summer activity for dogs, not only because it's great exercise in general.

Hydration is key, and more hydration would be awesome

The importance of keeping your pets hydrated throughout summer cannot be overstated. Responsible pet parents go the extra mile to increase their water intake as well as providing them with fresh and clean water at all times.

Watermelon and cucumber are great pet foods because of their high water content. However, you must wash and de-seed all fruits and vegetables before giving them to your dog. In addition to that, they can consume healthy drinks infused with prebiotics, coconut water, curd, chicken/meat/vegetable broth, and wet foods.

You should also carry a bowl and a chilled water bottle everywhere you go.

Clothing that is easy to wear

It is difficult for dogs to regulate their body temperature since they do not sweat. With your old cargo shorts or pants, you can easily make a cooling vest for your pet to help solve this problem. Using some strings to tie the vest, simply cut and sew your old cargo shorts or pants. If your pet is outside, keep them cool by adding ice packs to the large pockets of the vest.


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