25 Jul 2022

How To Train A Dog Not To Bark

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Put the cues together. Start by commanding your dog to "speak." Then, put a treat in front of him and say "quiet." Only give your dog the treat if he stops barking. You may need to repeat these cues several times to ensure your dog understands and has learned the commands.

Sit with your dog as he barks. As soon as he stops, even if only for a minute. give your pup atreat. Be sure to keep the treats hidden, so as to not distract your dog from the lesson at hand. If he starts barking again, give him another treat once he stops. Soon your dog will start realizing that staying quiet means getting a treat.


Now it’s time to add the most important step

1. Start training early

The best way to teach a dog not to bark is to start training them young. If they have been raised around people who do not talk much, then they may be confused about what barking means. As soon as they learn how to communicate with their owner, they will understand that barking is not necessary.

2. Use positive reinforcement

If you want to stop your dog from barking, you need to use positive reinforcement. You should reward him whenever he does something right, even if it’s just sitting quietly at your feet. Make sure you praise him often and give him lots of attention.

3. Keep your dog busy

A bored dog is a barking dog. So make sure you keep your dog occupied throughout the day. Take him out for walks, play fetch, or let him run free in the yard.

4. Give your dog a job

Your dog might get bored if left alone all day. To avoid this, try giving him a job. He could help you clean the house, take care of the lawn, or walk the neighbor's dog.

5. Don't punish your dog

Punishing your dog for barking only makes things worse. Instead, ignore his barking and don't respond to it. When he barks again, simply say nothing and continue doing whatever you were doing before.

6. Teach your dog to sit

Teach your dog to sit whenever you ask him to. Once he learns this command, he won't feel the need to bark anymore.

7. Get your dog a collar

You can prevent your dog from barking by putting a collar on him. A collar helps remind your dog that he shouldn't bark.

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