09 Jan 2023

India winter holiday spots that welcome pets

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If you love to travel, it should go without saying that your true passion is discovering new locations. But envision being in a beautiful setting, such as a beach or the mountains, with your beloved buddy by your side. It certainly sounds bizarre.

Traveling with pets used to be difficult, but these days, owing to places and accommodations that welcome them, taking a trip with your furry friends to India has become much more doable and simple. We've put together a list of six places where you can take your pet this winter that are pet-friendly.

Mumbai is the top destination for pet owners in our nation thanks to its historical architecture, tropical jungle, and harbour waterfront. In addition to frequently hosting activities like adoption drives and pet parties, the cafés and restaurants also provide special pet food. You can even stroll around the Juhu beach with your companion and take in the beautiful sunset vista. In reality, ZOIC Pet is the city's biggest pet park where you can let your dogs run free and have fun.

For dogs with arthritis or other medical ailments, the park also has a designated space for them and a treatment pool.

Kerala, which is known for its houseboats and backwaters, is the second most popular destination for pet owners. The houseboats in the state greet you and your dogs with open arms, whether you're visiting Kottayam or Munnar. They provide your pet with top-notch amenities, such as bedding, food, etc., and make sure you both have a secure and enjoyable travel. Even dog-watching services are offered by some resorts so you can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about your pet being left behind.

You can go on a cruise or have a picnic next to waterfalls if you want to go out with your best friend.

Goa, a well-known tourist destination, is among the top places to travel with a pet. There are many lodging alternatives that accept pets, including cottages, homestays, and villas. They promote pet-friendly travel and offer a variety of amenities for convenient travel. Additionally, Goa's restaurants have mouthwatering snacks and meals that your pet can enjoy while you're away.

There are numerous pet-friendly hotels and resorts in Puducherry. The best months to visit this city are from October to March, when the weather is nice and you can spend time outdoors with your furry friend. At the beach in Auroville, you may go swimming, sunbathing, or even organise a picnic with your dogs. Even boat cruises and surfing are options for the daring.

Another well-liked pet-friendly vacation spot is Ooty. The hospitality of this area for you and your animal buddy, whether it is in zostels, hostels, or cottages, will astound you. One of the rare places in India where you can stay with your pet uncharged is in this city. While strolling, you can take in the gorgeous valleys, hills, and lakes. Even if you want to stay inside, this location provides a serene natural setting for rest and relaxation.

Both affordable and luxurious accommodations with top-notch amenities are available in Jaisalmer for you and your pet. The majority of lodgings in this city also welcome pets at no extra charge. You can take your pet on camping trips, desert safaris, or lengthy walks while visiting the city.

Pet owners today want to go on vacation with their favourite animals and do not want to leave them behind. Numerous locations have undertaken renovations to adopt the pet-friendly attribute in light of this. To ensure that your pets are healthy enough to travel, it is advised to undergo a full health checkup before you begin to organise your trip. Finding pet-friendly restaurants and activities in the target city is a crucial next step.

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