11 Jun 2020

pet first aid tips every owner should know

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First aid tips for pet owners need to know some baisc first aid tips to help keep pets safe and healthy. Poison - If you suspect the pet has ingested poison, do not attempt mouth to snout resuscitation as you may become contaminated yourself. - if you suspect poisoning, seek care immediately. - if possible have the following information available Species, breed, age, sex, weight and number of animals involved symptoms so they can take immediate action. - If you cannot get to the vet immediately, are waiting for ride, or are stranded, you can call either of emergency hospital near by you Choking - Use caution – a choking pet is more likely to bite in its panic. - if pets choking, leave them to it, if they are able to cough then hold the upper jaw open with one hand and look for a foreign object. - if the pet can still breathe, keep it calm and get it to a veterinarian. Seizures - The most important thing to do is to protect your pet from self- injury. do not place your fingers or any object in your ptes mouth. - Keep your pet away from any objects (including furniture) that might hurt it. Do not try to restrain the pet. - Time the seizure (they usually last 2-3 minutes). - after the seizure has stopped, keep your pet as warm and quiet as possible and contact your veterinarian. Wound care - Place pressure with gauze or a clean cloth to stop bleeding. - if there is debris, flush the wound with saline or clean water - If possible, have another person call the veterinarian while you help your pet.

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