20 Jan 2023

Somerset animal charity open food bank for pets

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Jack Linnell of St Giles Animal Rescue Center stated, "We've gotten a number of requests to take in animals whose owners couldn't afford to retain hold of them."

More than 100 animals on the center's waiting list needed new homes at the conclusion of the previous year.

The organisation in Taunton will provide cat or dog food to anybody receiving assistance or economic support.

Jack Linnell from St Giles Animal Rescue Centre with Lily in their food bank storeroom

During the breakfast broadcast on BBC Radio Somerset, Mr. Linnell stated, "We are simply making dog and cat food at the moment."

"We decided it would be a good idea to start our pet food bank in January because of the rising expense of living.

"If you are now considering having a pet, you should definitely think about whether you can afford to keep this animal."

"At the present, owning an animal is not inexpensive, and prices for all goods have increased significantly over the previous several months. "

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