20 Oct 2022

Starting a New Business While Adopting a New Pet Things You Should Know

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Starting a New Business While Adopting a New Pet? Things You Should Know

Planning to start a new business and also want to adopt a pet? Well, both of these are tasks that come with a lot of responsibilities. There are a lot of considerations you need to make and several habits you will have to develop to run a successful business and raise a loving pet.

You may have several questions while doing so. Hence, we have answered a few common ones to help you make the right decision.

1. Is It Practical to Get a Dog While Handling a New Business?

Well, it depends on your individual choice. Be vary that by adopting a dog, you are adding on to your responsibilities. You will have to put in more effort to do business and give your pet time. If you are up for it, only then adopt a dog. It is easier if you have other family members willing to help you raise the dog. You will be busy with your work, and raising a pet is time-consuming. If you are sure you can make out some time for the dog, only then think of adopting one. Or wait a few years to set up an established business before you adopt one.

2. What Breed Should I Adopt?

This is your choice again, but you must study various breeds from Trending Breeds. Choosing one depends on your lifestyle. If you are active, you can go for large dog breeds, which require a lot of activity. If you just want to relax in your home most of the time and do not wish to adopt a highly active breed, then go for small-sized or toy breed dogs that need minimal activity.

A few dog breeds need more grooming and maintenance than others. Short haired dogs are easy to maintain, whereas long-haired ones need regular grooming and haircuts, which may become expensive. Hence, you will have to choose a breed based on how much you are ready to spend. 

3. Should I Get a Puppy or Adopt an Adult Dog?

When busy most of the day, it makes sense to adopt an adult dog rather than a puppy. Getting a Maltipoo puppy means you will have to give them extra attention. You need to take out time to feed them multiple times a day, get them vaccinated, train them and ensure they are safe in the new house. Puppies are highly energetic and can demand more attention most of the day. On the other hand, an adult dog is usually trained and is much calmer. They may not seek as much attention, and you must work less for them. They need feeding twice a day and three walks to relieve themselves throughout the day. Hence, raising a dog and focusing on the new business becomes more manageable. 

4. How Can I Manage Both Responsibilities Easily?

Growing a new business and raising a dog might not be easy. It can be done only when you know how to share responsibilities. You cannot develop a business independently and need to hire an efficient team who can share the duties. Learn to effectively distribute the work to ensure business profits. Hiring staff when you start a new business is challenging because of a lack of capital. This does not mean you hire inefficient staff. Better to employ a handful of experienced people than several less qualified staff. Focus on quality rather than quantity. 

Do the same with the dog. Share the responsibility with the family members. A dog needs to be raised by every member of the family. Only then it will become easy to raise the dog. 

5. What If I Need to Raise the Dog Alone?

Ideally, under any circumstances, it makes sense to raise a dog with your family. Raising a pet alone is not a piece of cake. You have to take care of its entire requirement as the animal is dependent on you. Even if your work is not hectic, there are days when you feel sick. You still cannot take a break as no one else will tend to the dog. Also, when you work a full day, leaving your dog alone at home is not feasible, and you will have to take the dog to work. The good news is that you can do it quickly as you are the boss. This might make things easier as several other employees will take your dog care; hence, you might get some help.

The other idea is to work a few days from the office and rest from home. This way, you'll find it easier to tend to the pet's needs. 

6. Is Work-Life Balance Possible?

While setting up a new business is a hectic task, the good part is it is your own business, which means you make all the decisions. Working for 12 hours every day may not be the recipe for success. Yes, you have to work harder in the initial days but focus on working smarter than harder. An efficient business person has more chances of succeeding than the one who gives more extra hours. The concept of doing overtime is actually not appreciated nowadays. Make a timetable for the day and focus on finishing the set tasks. Once done, just wind up for the day.

Encourage the same to your employees so they can balance their work and life well. Statistics reveal that people who give their family enough time also are more motivated toward work. This habit will help your company succeed. 


Having a dog in the family is always great, as the furry friend acts like a stress buster, especially when your line of business is so stressful. But you also need to consider the animal's well-being, and if you feel that you cannot take care of it properly when your business is new, then refrain from adopting one. Wait for a few years until your business is atomized to an extent, and your involvement is not much needed. You will get enough time to work and raise a happy dog.

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