09 Jun 2022

The Best Way to Keep Your Pets Safe During the Summer

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Sweating is not a means for all animals to regulate their body temperatures. It is possible for larger animals to sweat to combat the heat, but it is impossible for smaller animals. During the hottest summer months, it is crucial to watch out for signs of overheating and offer additional means of cooling down.

Keeping your pets cool
Even before your pets show signs of overheating, take steps to avoid them overheating.

Water. Provide plenty of fresh, clean water daily.

Stay away from the sun during the hottest hours. Avoid strenuous activities during those hours. It is best to go for walks, jogs, hikes, and play games in the mornings and evenings when it is not so hot.

Find shade. Protect your pets from the sun by providing shade.

Cool them off. Dogs and cats can have their fur dampened to keep cool. During the process of evaporation from their fur, they are cooling at the same time. To wet them down, use your hose nozzle on the light setting, a mist bottle or a damp cloth. 

For your dog to enjoy the outdoors and cool off during the day, you might also consider setting up a small pet pool. Rather than picking up a kiddie pool that is susceptible to damage, purchase a pool that is designed for dogs with a durable floor and sides that will withstand wear and tear.

Dogs and rabbits may also require extra cooling during the summer. It is possible for them to suffer from heat stroke. They should have an indoor or a shaded outdoor habitat. A frozen water bottle or two may also be placed in their hutch so that they can cool off by resting next to it.

Brush pets regularly. In the summer, regular and thorough grooming will help clear out any unwanted loose hair from your pet's coat that may be trapping heat. 

Walk beside water and avoid walking on hot pavement in the summer. Consider taking your dog to a place where he can cool off in the water instead of taking the usual route around the neighborhood. During summer, roads, sidewalks, and bike trails can become overheated. If you're planning to walk or jog during the summer, make sure you choose a shaded path so your dog doesn't overheat and can avoid hot surfaces.a


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