06 Dec 2022

tips to take care of your pets nutrition in winter

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Winter is coming soon, and you might want to start thinking about feeding your pets. If you don’t already feed them, now is the time to get started.

Pets are part of our family, and they deserve to be well fed during the cold months. Winter is a great time to give your furry friends some extra attention.

Feeding your dog or cat properly during the colder months requires a little bit of preparation. The best way to ensure your pet gets enough nutrients is to plan ahead and prepare their food accordingly. Here are five ways to make sure your pet stays warm and happy during the winter.

Your dog's health could be impacted by the transition from the summer to the winter season. Since dogs are less active in the winter than they are in the summer, you may want to adjust your dog's diet to maintain a healthy weight all winter long. Take into account these dog food suggestions to keep your pet healthy over the winter.

Controlling calorie intake: They determine how many calories your dog will eat throughout the winter. Others will require more calories to sustain the increased energy they need to fend off the cold, while some dogs become less active in the winter and may even put on weight. In either case, maintain feeding your dog regularly and monitor their weight. You may need to increase their calorie intake if they begin to lose weight. If they begin to gain weight, you might need to lower the calorie intake until the temperature rises once more.

Drink water to your dog: Your dog is more likely to become dehydrated during the winter as they are typically quite dry. Keep a water bowl available so they can stay hydrated during the cold. If you keep your dog outside during the winter, make sure their water bowl doesn't freeze over.

Add an addition: Even if your dog is consuming raw food that is suitable for his species, the winter season may demand him to consume additional calories. It may be something for digestion or something for stiff, arthritic joints that swell in the winter. For guidance on the proper supplements to give your dog to facilitate a seamless transition throughout the winter, speak with your veterinarian.

Maintaining overall health and wellness: Your dog's skin health is equally important in the winter. They are prone to having dry, cracked skin, which can get worse in the winter, just like people. For healthy skin and paws, make sure your dog eats plenty of meals high in omega fatty acids.

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