01 May 2022

Top 5 Dog Breeds Your Kids Will Love

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There's nothing better than playing with dogs with kids. If you are looking to give your child a special birthday gift in the future, consider a dog. There is an amazing bonding between a dog and a kid. Dogs are generally considered as one of the best companions for people. The dogs always look after their master, whether it is for friendship, safety or care. Listed below are the top 5 dog breeds that are friendly and known to love kids:

Pug Dog

Pugs are closely related to Mastiffs and normally have a calm, confident, and firm temperament. This is one of the best dogs for kids. There is nothing better than a friendly and adorable pug. As these small dogs are devoted and watchful, you can rely on them for the safety of your children.

Pomeranian Dog

It is safe to say that the Pomeranian breed is a super-active, proud little dog.  In addition to their intelligence and loyalty, they make excellent companions for their masters. The Pomeranian Dog is well known for its affectionate nature and good nature. As a toy dog for kids, a Pomeranian is well liked by their owners and easy to train.

Bull Dog

Despite its intimidating appearance and gentle nature, it is a medium sized dog of wide body size. Children will enjoy bulldog puppies as they are determined, affectionate, gentle, and courageous. The breed is perfect for kids since it plays, protects, and loves its master throughout its life

English Mastiff Dogs

A mastiff dog is a large, heavy-headed dog with a distinctive mark between the eyes and a large head. Mastiff dogs serve as powerful guards. They are often regarded as a guard dog for your little ones, serving as a family member. A dog with an intelligent, calm temperament, and a strong sense of obedience who is always ready to play with and protect his master.

Dalmatian Dog 

A Dalmatian is a large, muscular dog that is known for its stamina and high energy level. In a sense, it's a perfect friend for your kid to play with all the time. Dalmatian dogs are known for their dedication, happiness, and ease of going with the flow


Which dog breed will you choose for your children? Share your thoughts here:

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