18 Feb 2021

why dog breeding should be illegal ?

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There is no excuse for bringing more puppies into the world. Every year more than 6 million animals become homeless and half of them have to be dehydrated because there are not enough suitable houses for them. Every time a dog is bred, more dogs lose the chance to live a better life. Some breeders need spam or neutered to the puppies they sell so that they can soon have their own litter and the crisis of more population will increase. Only an unaffected female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 puppies in just six years. Breeders do not see dogs as individuals with personality and specific needs - they only see signs of the dollar. When HBO's Game of Thrones stimulated the ephemeral tendency around certain breeds, such as the craze for fueled hockey, dog breeders turned to dogs to fulfill even more recent human desires. The pet trade encourages animals to be seen as impulse purchases, no different than fashion items or home decor, rather than men who think they deserve love, respect and a lifelong commitment.

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