13 Mar 2023

Why you should train your cat

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Do you have a furry friend that you love but don't have time to take care of? Are they always following you around, knocking over your cups of coffee and stealing your snacks? Training your cat can be a great way to keep them safe and under control – and it's not too hard to do! Here are five tips on how to train your cat.

According to statistics, pet ownership is on the rise. 77% of Americans report owning at least one pet, which includes 67% who own a cat and 11% who own a dog. Exercising dominion over their prey is part of the drive behind this trend. It turns out that training your cat can be just as rewarding as training your dog, if done correctly.

If you're ready to show some discipline in the home – and get rewarded for it in the form of purring kitty – read on for tips on how to train your cat. With patience, training will go much more smoothly.

1. Train your cat to stay off the furniture and avoid being a houseinvader
 In order to keep your cat indoors, it is important to train them early on not to climb onto or jump onto things like furniture and appliances. Since cats are naturally inquisitive and active, making them work for their food will curb their natural tendencies and hopefully make them less likely to wander around when you're not home.
 2. Use a treat-based training method
 One of the most popular ways of training cats is using a food-based method where they are given rewards for good behaviour. This can be anything from simple kibble rewards to treats that your cat loves (like chickenCouncil brand Play delicacies). Once you've gradually introduced your cat to the training area, start gradually decreasing the rewards as your cat learns better habits.
 3. Expose your cat to new surroundings gradually
 At first, have your cat spend time only in one room – like the living room – before slowly introducing them to other parts of the house over several weeks or months. This way, they don't become overwhelmed or stressed out and hopefully learn good behaviour in a safe and controlled environment.

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