22 Apr 2022

Bird sings Harry Potter theme music to get Potter heads excited

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The first Harry Potter film was released 20 years ago, but fans are still obsessed with anything related to Hogwarts. Now, a bird singing the theme music of the movies has all Potterheads enthralled online.

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In what might seem like a scene straight out of a mystical movie, a European starling is breaking the internet with its musical talent. Zephyr, a bird who can not only sing, but also beatbox, recently went viral on TikTok singing the Harry Potter theme song without a hitch.

The video was uploaded by @farijuana_ on the platform, a user who frequently posts videos of the talking bird, who recently amassed over 20 million views. The woman wrote, amused by the bird's antics, "the breath he takes in the middle," in the text below the video.  

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