18 Jun 2022

How much time do I have to spend with a pet?

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It is extremely exciting to bring a new pet into your home, whether it is your first dog, a shoal of fish, or a lizard vivarium. You should make sure that, no matter what animal you choose, you're prepared to give them all the care they deserve, and one of the biggest aspects of this is your time. You must care for every animal you bring into your home, even if some pets require a lot more time than others. There are many things your pet is going to need from you, including feeding, grooming, handling, and walking. Your pet will have a better chance of having a great life if you get one that suits how much time you have. Find out what type of pet is right for you, based on your lifestyle and how much time you have to spare.

  When your social life is busy, you work long hours, or you have other commitments that take up a great deal of your time, you might prefer a small animal such as a rodent. Among the rodent family, there are lots of different kinds of animals including hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, rats, and degus. Many of them make adorable and affectionate pets.

Most rats live in a pen or cage, and they only need to be fed once per day. They are generally quite low maintenance pets, but you still need to spend some time handling and caring for them. Additionally, you can keep rodents in pairs or groups, so they can keep each other company while you're away from home.

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It is also possible to keep fish as pets if you have a busy lifestyle, as fish only need to be fed once or twice a day, and they need little maintenance aside from cleaning their tanks and checking their equipment. It might be easier to decide which type to go with when you choose tropical and marine fish.

  The arrival of a puppy into your home is a very special time for the whole family, but they can be very time-consuming. When you train them properly, including by teaching them to use the toilet outside, the rewards are incredible when you look back on how far you've come.

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Pets that you might consider getting can take up a lot of your time long-term, since they can live for a long period of time. A ball python, for example, can live up to 30 years in captivity, whereas parrots such as the African gray usually live up to 50 years. Taking on this responsibility is a big responsibility, but it will give you plenty of time to make lots of happy memories.

Whenever you choose which pet to get, you should always be prepared and willing to care for them their entire lives, or have a good plan in case that isn't possible.



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