15 Jun 2022

How to keep your pets safe in the heat

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When the sun isn't as harsh, pet owners are advised to walk their furry companions earlier in the day or later in the evening.

Pavement and park paths are not recommended for walking your pet because their paws can be burned.

Without air conditioning, your dog could die if left in a car. So, Proctor-Cross says to never leave your pet in a car without air conditioning.

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Heat stroke is characterized by heavy panting, glazed eyes, and lack of coordination. The Humane Society of America recommends watching for these signs.

In addition to providing water to pets regardless of whether they are indoors or outdoors, the welfare group warns that you should make up a batch of homemade "pupcicles" to keep them cool from the inside out.

According to Proctor-Cross, it is also advisable to replace water that has been in direct sunlight, which can reach 90 degrees or higher.

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