07 Jul 2022

How To Train Your Dog To Sleep In Their Own Bed

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Pets There are several obligations that come in owning a puppy or a dog. A proper crate training is among the things that you should give to your pet. Crates will serve as their shelter where they can sleep, eat or run to when they are at risk. Crate training could be challenging and laborious. However, you'll be on your way to success when you're equipped with the appropriate knowledge on how to crate train a puppy. The first tip for thriving crate training is identifying the breed of your puppy or dog.

If your pet belongs to the small dog breed, then it is okay to have a medium-sized crate. The crate of this size is sufficient for your pet to perform its routine like sleeping, sitting, standing, and moving around.

1. Start training early

It may seem obvious but starting training early will help your dog learn faster. Dogs are naturally curious creatures and they want to explore everything around them. This means that they will try to interact with anything they see. They will also try to figure out what things mean and how they work. As soon as you bring home a new object, your dog will want to play with it. So, if you wait until your dog is older before you introduce him to his new bed, he might already have figured out how to climb into it.

2. Make sure your dog is comfortable

If your dog is used to sleeping in a crate, then you should probably leave him in his old bed while you move into your new house. However, if your dog is used to being crated, then you should let him sleep in his crate while you pack up your stuff. Once you have moved in, you can slowly transition your dog from his crate to his new bed.

3. Keep your dog away from the bed

You should never allow your dog to jump onto your bed. Instead, you should put some blankets or sheets on top of the mattress. This will prevent your dog from jumping onto the bed and waking you up during the night.

4. Reward good behavior

Once your dog learns to stay off your bed, you can reward him when he stays in his own bed. You can give him treats or playtime once he stays in his bed.

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