19 Jun 2022

Keep Your Pets Cool This Summer With These 8 Tips

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You're better off thinking beyond hot cars when you avoid hot spaces

Here, it is essential to consider every room in your house. According to Linda Simon, a veterinary surgeon, most pet owners realize there are dangers associated with leaving them in hot cars, but few realize the dangers present in their own home. 

A room with glazing on the sunny side or a room made entirely of glass, such as a conservatory or orangery, is likely to feel too hot on hot summer afternoons for your pet. A large window in a garden room has the same effect. You should try to restrict access to these rooms during the hottest hours of the day, 11-3 pm, and use fans and other techniques to keep them cool as much as possible.

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Make sure there is plenty of water 

Although it seems obvious, it is crucial to provide your pet with plenty of fresh, cool drinking water. Alternatively, Simon recommends freezing dogs' chew toys or offering them ice cubes and dog-friendly ice lollies. Water needs to be changed regularly, and it should always be clean. 

Cats are sometimes particularly fussy and won't drink from a bowl of water even when thirsty.  Leaving multiple bowls of water may also convince them that a certain area is better for drinking.

Make sure your home stays cool 

Humans are even more sensitive to high temperatures than dogs and cats, so you probably already do this. In any case, if you are not too bothered by the heat, you should try to keep your home comfortable for your pets by keeping the temperature around 80 degrees. Simon points out that this is particularly important for animals with long hair and breeds not accustomed to summer heat, such as Malamutes and Siberian Huskies. When the house is hotter than you'd like, a cooling mat or cooling vest can help.In addition, you may want to consider investing in a portable air conditioner to reduce the ambient temperature. 

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Walk the dogs in the morning and in the evening 

Do not allow your pooch to walk during the hottest daytime hours; instead, walk them in the morning and in the evening to make it a pleasant experience for both you and your pet. Simon says bringing a dog for a walk is best in the morning, as the ground has not yet been warmed up by the sun. The asphalt can get so hot in the summer that the paw pads can even be burned. It is too hot for your pooch if you cannot comfortably hold your hand flat on the ground for five seconds.

Playing too energetically when it's hot isn't a good idea 

A dog is usually okay to exercise outdoors when the temperature is 70 degrees or lower. A dog that is extremely hot or humid does not need much exercise and will be unable to do it. Make it a point to play 'find it' games in the garden and have fun at the paddling pool instead of going on hikes or running. You should also make sure the kids have access to fresh water and shade.

Cats, especially kittens, are in the same boat. In spite of the fact that older cats are unlikely to play with you when it is very hot, kittens are very energetic and need to be kept indoors when it is very hot.

The Human Body Is Not the Only One That Needs Sunscreen

You may need to apply sunscreen to your cat or dog's ears if they are light in color and like to play outside in the sun. Cats and dogs are susceptible to skin cancer due to UV radiation.

Keep your car cool with these tips 

During the summer, Dr Simon warns against leaving your dog in a car for any extended period. If you're traveling, keep the car cool by running the AC for a few minutes before you leave and opening the windows. Your dog can rest on the seat on the way to your destination. There is no doubt that this option should only be used if your dog is still able to be properly secured.

Pets Should Be Groomed Regularly

It's a good time to do a dog haircut now if your dog needs one. Get your dog a good groom when the weather starts to heat up to remove all the excess hair and keep them cool when the sun is out. When you don't tend to take them for haircuts, giving them a good brush is very beneficial. Also, cats respond well to brushing, and many of them enjoy it very much.  

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