27 May 2022

The popularity of pet tourism increases with more adoptions and transportation facilities available

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Darsheel, a 24 years old bachelor from Bangalore was planning a trip to the mountains but didn’t want to leave Milo, his pet buddy, behind or at a boarding, that’s when he connected a pet transport  agency to relocate Milo  for the trip.

As domestic travel has gone up like anything after the pandemic, there is an increasing number of travellers like Darsheel, who are willing to carry their pets along. Meanwhile, the trend has even gone up because during the pandemic pet adoption has also skyrocketed. In the past, people would avoid taking their pets for a holiday with them as it requires a lot of documentation and is a time-consuming process. 

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However, with several pet transport agencies in the market, things are much better now. They help with the hassle-free relocation of pets to the holiday destination. Adding to this, even the hospitality and tourism industry is growing towards becoming pet friendly. Meanwhile, there are several pet-friendly vacation planners, who help people plan trips with their ever-growing list of pet-friendly hotels, resorts and homestays across India. Meanwhile, there are several hotels and cafes that have started providing special services for pets. 


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