24 Sep 2021

A traditional wedding for pet couple in Kerala

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Punnayaurkulam, located on the Thrissur-Malappuram border, hosted a curious but unique wedding between a two-year-old male dog and a one-and-a-half-year-old female dog on Monday. Marriage was arranged in a decorated hall, and had all the related festivals like Nadaswaram and The Accompaniment of 'Kurwa Murti'.

Axid was a pet belonging to the Poiyara style-Nisha couple of Vadanappilli, affectionately called Kuttan. The couple had traced the meet bride named Jahnavi from the house of dog trainer Kankanchari Subish Bhaskar in Punnayaurkulam

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After more than a year of discovery, we got an ideal match for Kuttan. Both of them are born for champions in canine club competitions. They have the same size and symbols, and other similarities. The groom was kept in the boarding house for three months under the supervision of a dog trainer.

Shaili said they want to inspire others to love dogs by arranging such unique marriages. We had hired an event management group and a studio unit for photoshoots to organize the wedding.

The groom was wearing a silk shirt while the bride's dress was a silk frock. They were made to offer wedding garlands to each other in the presence of several other exotic breed dogs

He said that marriage was arranged in this part of the year as the Malayalam month of Kanni is known as the month of breeding dogs

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