26 Sep 2021

How To Train A Dog Doing It The Right Way

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Some coaches and experts argue that dogs are easier to train when they are puppies – at six to seven weeks of age. However, others say that they can be trained when they are very young. One important thing to note is that the habits that your dog learns at this age are difficult to overcome when they are needed later. It's okay to start around 3 months old.

Through basic training, it is necessary to show the animal that you are a consistent owner so that the dog respects you as an owner and obeys your instructions.

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The first thing you should teach your puppy is to recognize your name and some basic exercises such as sitting, coming to your side when called as well as the word no, to tell your dog to refuse when he is doing something Yes inappropriate.

Be sure to teach your puppy to relieve himself in an appropriate place – in the litter box or in the toilet, it will start taking care of your dog's overall hygiene without much effort.

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The best way to train a puppy is to use a popular behavior adjustment process called discipline and compensation. However, instead of scolding or punishing, it is usually best to reward his good deeds. Some people resort to scolding and punishment to train their animals. While this is not the best way to do this kind of training process regularly, sometimes it can be quite effective. But make sure you never pet your dog

Preventive training teaches your dog what not to do in a very simple way: Don't let it happen in the first place! The idea is simple: Avoid leaving your dog alone when he could get into trouble.

Some dogs are known to nibble. Threads, garlands, ribbons and other chewable objects are attractive to a playful dog, but can cause internal damage if swallowed. If you cannot supervise your puppy, make sure it is in a safe area. Buy some chew toys that are suitable as special surprises during the celebration

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