12 Jun 2022

There are 7 things your dog hates about you

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Many things we do unknowingly irritate or confuse our furbabies; in some cases, we may be sending the wrong signals. By being aware of how you are confusing your dog, you can create a bond that lasts a lifetime.

1) Dogs with the same behavior are subjected to different rules

For pet dogs, it's important to set limits and rules. It's more important, however, to follow those rules. There is a set pattern of things dogs should and should not do, in other words a predictable daily routine. It is common for pet owners to approve a certain dog behavior and then reprimand it at a later date for doing the same thing. Perplexity and confusion are not only experienced by the pet, but also by the owner. The next day, you are having lunch with a friend and your pet pleads with hungry eyes for a tidbit, but you reprimand the begging as being objectionable. The dog is not at fault here, it's you.

Whenever possible, stick to a single word that will correspond with a command from you. It will confuse the pet in the situation if we use different words that mean the same thing. This will not allow the pet to respond in the way you want. For this reason, each command that is sent to the dog by the human family must have a single word.

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2) Giving different commands to a dog for the same reaction

Human language is not perceived by dogs in the same way as it is by us. They can pick up on our body language better than we can. If you want your dog to respond successfully & obediently, then you should link appropriate physical behavior with the verbal cue.

3) The expectation that your dog behaves like a human

All of these actions come naturally to a dog, such as chewing on furniture, barking loudly, sniffing around, and digging in your yard. These are all natural behaviors. Some of your concepts, such as cleanliness and protecting an expensive item, are not understood by it. It is best to be patient with the dog. Please do not punish or yell at your dog when it exhibits unwanted behavior.

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4) Hugging your pet tightly

Hugs are interpreted by humans as a means of expressing affection, love, and warmth. In the world of dogs, however, it has an entirely different connotation. A dog's perception of hugs is that they are an act of authority or supremacy. Dogs will show dominance over each other by putting their paws on each other's backs. Dogs don't usually enjoy hugs from their human family pack or look forward to them. When a human tries to hug a pet dog, sometimes it will tolerate it, but become terrified if another human tries the same thing. Whenever you are hugging a dog, be on the lookout for signs that indicate discomfort. Its body language indicates nervousness if it tries to escape eye contact, moves away, bends its face in the opposite direction as yours, seals its mouth, licks its lips, or pulls its ears backwards. Whenever your dog displays such reactions, it is likely that it is anxious as a result of your squeeze.

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5) Disturbing your dog while they are sleeping

It is advisable to go slow and easy when waking your dog from a deep slumber. Pets can be awakened by tenderly touching or speaking to them. It is easy for a dog to be shocked by an impulsive or sudden touch while it is asleep. A dog whose hearing has been weakened by age or other factors may get very scared when woken up abruptly because they cannot hear sounds such as footsteps approaching them. A dog should be allowed to wake up naturally on its own! It is important to discuss this with your children if you have them at home.

6) Leaving your pet alone for a long period of time

Do you feel guilty about not spending as much time with your pet as you'd like to? For extended periods of time, a dog left alone at home for nine to ten hours daily may develop separation anxiety and negative behaviors like chewing, extreme barking, or defecating/urinating inside. When you adopt a dog, you are considered to be its pack member by nature since dogs by nature live in packs. It is important for dogs to socialize with their human families. In the event that you must leave the dog home alone for an extended period, you should ask a friend or relative to drop by each day and spend some time with it or take it for a walk. 

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Sometimes, a neighbor who loves animals may be more than happy to assist by watching the dog for a specific period of time at their home.

7) Not giving the dog enough mental and physical stimulation and opportunities to explore

  Toys and games are essential for a dog's daily exercise and enjoyment. As a general rule, most dog breeds benefit from a 15 minute stroll twice daily. Taking your dog for walks in and around the neighborhood every day is important. You may not know, however, that allowing the dog to explore the environment is just as important. They love sniffing around and finding unusual smells and exciting things along the way. The nose of a dog is like the eye of a human being. For your dog, sniffing is an important activity for understanding the world around it. Allow your dog to breathe in various spots throughout the day by not rushing home after the dog has relieved itself. Additionally, it can also be introduced to a new walking path every now and then to add variety to its routine.


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