28 Sep 2021

If your pet dogs hair is falling then you can fix them by adopting these measures

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Nowadays you will get to see different breed dogs as the first choice as pets in every house. It is very difficult to keep and take care of dogs. Sometimes the guests who come to the house complain about your pet dog's hair fall. If you have to be embarrassed by these complaints, then at the same time you yourself must be getting upset while cleaning his fallen hair from place to place in the house. If your pet dog's hair is falling then it can be a serious problem. You should not ignore this at all.

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Hair fall is a common problem

The process of hair loss in dogs is very normal and it is just like that of humans. But if their hair is falling a lot, then it can be a matter of concern. The problem of hair loss in dogs can be due to allergies, Cushing's disease, genetics, any kind of infection, ringworm on the toes or the skin under the hair and due to these reasons.

Apart from this, it is possible that your pet dog is suffering from the problem of hypothyroidism. In this type of problem, the thyroid gland located in the dog's body produces a hormone called thyroxine. When this hormone is not produced in the required quantity, the dog may suffer from hair loss. Although this problem can happen to any breed of dog, but it is common in breeds like Golden Retrievers, Doberman Pinschers.

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Apple cider vinegar can stop dog hair loss. It contains natural antifungal and anti-bacterial ingredients. They work to eliminate bad things from the dog's body.

You can reduce the problem of dog hair fall with the help of a humidifier. This will keep your dog's skin dry and prevent itching and hair loss.

keep combing or brushing his hair
If you want to stop your dog's hair fall, keep combing or brushing his hair. By brushing the dog's hair, the oil present in the skin spreads throughout the fur. This makes your dog's hair look healthy and shiny.

You can give your dog diet

Like dogs, dogs can also be allergic to certain food items and due to this, their hair can fall. Allergies can cause problems ranging from inflammation to irritation and hair loss. You can give your dog wheat, soy, and corn to eat. They do not cause allergies.

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You can also stop dog hair fall with the help of lemon juice. If your dog has a skin related problem, then bathing him with lemon inside the water will help in correcting the acid level of the skin.

If your dog has dry skin, you can apply olive oil on it. It not only prevents hair fall of the dog, but it also solves the problems related to his skin.


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