28 May 2022

The best way to spend the day is watching this kitten play in a sunbeam

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Fostersxyz posted a video to TikTok in April in which a very small tabby kitten inspects the shaft of light left by the sun on the ground. It is pretty straightforward to figure out what is going on from the picture caption "kitten experiences sunbeam for the first time".

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In my opinion, TikTok was intended to be used for something like this. There is nothing better than watching a very tiny baby animal on repeat 40 or 50 times because they are the cutest things ever.

Fostersxyz's original video hasn't received much attention yet, though rebroadcasts of it have had millions of views on various aggregator sites, so I'm reposting it here to show some love to the original.

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In addition to being impossible to resist, the kitten's reaction also leaves us wondering: what is the kitten actually reacting to? Though cats may not see the visible spectrum of colors in the same way we do, there is evidence that they can perceive blue-violet and yellow-green wavelengths of light. They are also highly tuned to movement and detail in their surroundings. While he may not be blessed with rainbows like we are, the kitten in the video is probably picking up tiny motes of dust illuminated by the bright sunbeam and giving them a swat with his tiniest paw. 

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